Exceling Your Business, LLC. provides both consulting and training services.

I work with business owners and your employees who struggle with productivity on any level. These struggles contribute to time management issues, an inability to understand your data, and lost revenues. I teach business owners and your employees how to lighten your workload, save time, increase profits, and empower you to make educated business decisions using your data to reach your goals.



Want to discover where you or your employees can be more productive? Schedule my free "Productivity Analysis". I come to your business for one hour and find ways save you time and money. I guarantee you will receive at least one tip that will save you time. You have nothing to lose but your "wasted" time. Call 715-572-5556 to schedule your free Productivity Analysis.

My consulting services work directly with you and your employees to solve a specific problem or bottleneck. Some examples: 1. Is data being keyed in multiple places? 2. Need to develop a process that shows where quality errors are being generated in a plant to determine if it is a process error or human error. 3. Finding errors in inventory counts. 4. Are any process still being done with pen (or pencil) and paper?

Current processes quickly become out dated, employees come and go, technology changes, but processes seem to stay forever. “We've always done it that way” could be a great place to start analyzing your processes to find efficiencies.

Are you looking to develop a new process, but don’t know where to start? I can help you to determine what will be necessary and how to create the process to deliver the required outcomes in the most efficient method and teach your employees how to use and maintain the process.



Company Training:

Exceling Your Business, LLC. offers several company training packages where each employee takes an “Excel Strengths Evaluation” to determine their current Excel knowledge. Training packages are then created around the employees strengths to further develop their Excel skills. The best part is I come to your company to do the training, your employees don't have to travel, they just need a laptop.

Group Classes:

Several training courses are offered to develop peoples Excel skiils at levels where they are comfortable. Classes range from the basic skills such as Excel 'FUN'damentals to advanced skills like Pivot Table Power. Check the Training tab for current available classes.

Individual Training:

One on one training for individuals who want to work directly with me. This is perfect for those who have a specific problem they want solved or don't want a group class.