Pivot Table Power

Increase your PROFITS and Boost your EFFICIENCY

It's almost Year End - do you know what your data is telling you?

Do you have lots of data that you don't know how to get information out of or what to do with the data? Are you unable to analyze the current data you do have? Do you want to be able to see trends in your sales or productivity numbers, find bottlenecks in productivity, or just better understand the data you do have, then my Pivot Table Training class is for you!

You will be able to EXCEL your INCOME, while boosting your efficiency, amplify your data accuracy, and grow your productivity.

Pivot Table data crunching will allow you to:

  • Analyze data quickly
  • Streamline Inventory Processing
  • Drill down to details by double clicking
  • Spot trends in your sales or other vital stats
  • Increase your accuracy and productivity

Class size is limited to 25

My “hands on” Pivot Table training is NOT a sit and listen class, you will work on your laptop while developing your Excel Pivot Table skills.

Class Takeaways:

  • How to create a Pivot Table
  • Why are Pivot Tables so useful
  • Learn how to quickly analyze all that data
  • What is a Slicer and why they are valuable
  • How to group data (like dates) in a Pivot Table
  • Create chartes from a Pivot Table for visual reference
  • Data files to take home and practice
  • Drill down to original data
  • How to “pivot” a Pivot Table
  • Determine trends in your data
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Efficiency and data accuracy

Your time is valuable.

Developing your Excel Pivot Table Skills will help you

  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce errors
  • Make sounder decisions (analyzing your data more efficiently)

All of these benefits will increase your bottom line!

When: Tuesday  12/16/14  8-10 AM

Where: PCBC, 5501 Vern Holmes Dr, Stevens Point, WI 54482

Cost: $247 by 12/12/14 $347 after 12/12/14.


Every class participant will receive a FREE 30 minute online training session devoted to your specific business needs.