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Change = Productivity
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Excel Formulas made Easy
Excel Formulas
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Thursday 4 December 2014
Creating Mailing Labels
Creating Mailing Labels using Excel and Word
Quickly Creating Mailing Labels
Excel Address Book
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Quickly Create Mailing Labels

Are you ready for the holidays and writing all those addresses on envelopes? Guess what, Excel and Word can quickly create mailing labels saving you from hours of work! You can save time both at work and at home this holiday season.

I'm Tina Grezinski, Your Efficiency Expert, with Exceling Your Business and I will walk you through creating an Excel file for your addresses and then transferring the file to Word via Mail Merge to quickly print your labels.

How Excel can you make you more efficient
 9:04 AM CST

If you want to be more efficient, ask yourself this question: Who does more of the work in Excel – You or Excel? With all of the advances in Excel, if your answer is you and NOT EXCEL, then I can help!