Formula Magic

Make your job quicker, easier AND more accurate!

Tired of using a CALCULATOR to check the results of your spreadsheet?

Frustrated trying to make your formula work correctly?

Irritated by error messages in your spreadsheet?

Annoyed by having to rekey your data?

Then STOP wasting your precious time, Excel formulas create accuracy, consistency and save you time.

  • Formulas are Excel's backbone to accuracy.
  • Formulas can be simple or complex, many people make them harder than what they really are.
  • I love the challenge of creating new formulas, I will teach you how formulas can be FUN!

There is no limit to the forumulas that you can make in Excel, if you can think it, Excel can do it! You just need to learn how...

Excel has formulas you never dreamed were possible!

Do you:

  •         Copy and paste information from one cell to another?
  •         Get frustrated creating or using formulas?   
  •         Manually key your data into your spreadsheets?  You don’t have too!  
  •         Manually sort and/or subtotal your columns?  Big waste of time and increases room for errors.
  •         Use more than one formula on the same data to find what you’re looking for?  (No more!  I’ll show you how to create one master formula to make it easy peasy.)

 You will be creating the formulas on your own laptop, with a chance to ask questions as we go. There is NO sitting and watching someone else do the work, YOU learn as we go, so you really understand each formula we create.

Register by Friday September 11th (before midnight) and save $25

Class Date: Tuesday September 15th

9:00 to 11:00 am at the Portage County Business Council.

Light breakfast with bottled water included.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Hands-on training with Excel files to practice on in class (You get to take these home!)
  • Access to me during the training for live Q&A.
  • Hand out for note taking.
  • Light breakfast served before class with bottled water.

And here's what you'll learn:

  • The 3 reference types and why they are important to formulas.
  • How to use the Insert Function box to lookup formulas.
  • Multiple Conditional Formuls - using IF, AND, OR and other conditional formulas.
  • Defined Names and how Excel uses them in formulas.
  • Vlookup and how to match data sets.
  • Text formulas (Yes you can use formulas for Text data!)
  • Formula Auditing / Evaluation - help to find errors in complex formulas.
  • How formulas are used in Tables and how they are different in tables.
  • Hyperlinks and how they quickly take you to other locations (inside or outside of Excel).

This isn't just a teach and leave you class! 
I'll show you how to apply what you're learning to your business.

So YOU can:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • And save time doing it!

Excel is a business skill you'll use the again and again (at work AND at home! Yep, Excel can save you time at home too!)

Date: Tuesday, September 15th

Time: 9 - 11 AM - Light breakfast with bottled water included.

Where: Portage County Business Council, 5501 Vern Holmes Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54482

Your Investment: Only $174. But you have to register by Friday September 11th. After that it goes up to $199.

Contact me for group rates.

Join me and see how Excel can be fun AND provide amazing results!

I’m excited to show you how small changes = BIG RESULTS.

Productively yours,

Tina Grezinski

Your Efficiency Expert

P.S.  Space is limited, so register today and take advantage of the $25 savings!